Happiness of Helpless Women

Dauna Devi Paswan, a leprosy affected and single woman, is an elderly woman resident of Nigaul Mahottari. After the death of her husband and the marriage of her 1 daughter in Sarlahi, she has been living alone. In the beginning she could cook and eat by herself, now she could not. Now her neighbour is taking care of her. They provide food, help her take a bath, wash her clothes and take care of her. She is living in a house built by the Lalgadh leprosy hospital. Her life is supported by old age allowance and Rs.3000 per month from Lalgadh. Recently, a team of Lalgadh with Mr. Mike and Ms Julie visited her. Mr. Mike handed over a blanket as sent by a kind donor. The team realized to fix the electricity in the toilet needed repairing as did the wall. Next day, the bulb in toilet was fixed. She has expressed her gratitude to the kind donors and Lalgadh team for the support.