Bible Study Material

The following Bible notes on Mark’s Gospel have been prepared by Martin Davies a trustee, and our Alan Manchester. The notes take 6 views of Mark beginning with “Meeting Mark”. Each study is designed to help a group to think about the material, ask questions, and consider the application of it to our lives. It also looks at the connections with leprosy. The notes can be used as a series of lessons discussed from the front of a church, but are also ideal for use in a home group setting, a Christian Union, a Sunday School, or personally. Clicking on the links below will enable you to download the notes for your use. We hope you enjoy them.

Mark notes week 1 – “Meeting Mark”

Mark notes week 2 – “Being a ‘do-er’ “

Mark notes week 3 – “Being told to keep a secret”

Mark notes week 4 – “Being a servant”

Mark notes week 5 – “Being alone”

Mark notes week 6 – “Being alive”