Jaya Kumar


After being treated for leprosy, Jaya Kumar Trained in leatherwork. Jaya Kumar is a devout Christian who chooses to make Bible bags rather than any other Leather products.   TLM (The Leprosy Mission)  placed an order for bags early last year.  Then,  in September, they received terrible news form Kamal Shrestha at NLT:

Jaya Kumar came to see me today.  He was saying to me that the demonstrators had destroyed his leather, sewing machine and remaining materials last week…..

….but all was not lost …….

so I have asked him to come to NLT workshop to make samples for you.  Also, we have offered to provide him with the materials he needs, which we have in stock.  He seems happy about this.

NLT  helped Jaya to source the leather and Dhaka cloth himself, so that he could fulfill the TLM order.  Each Bible bag is therefore real evidence of co-operation and partnership in action.