Covid Vaccine has run out in Kathmandu

The Himalayan Times published the news last Friday (11th June) that the vaccination programme that had restarted on 8th June had stopped again on the 11th as all available vaccines for Kathmandu had run out. This programme was aimed at the 60 – 64 years age-group but has only scratched the surface of the need. Nepal desperately needs vaccines and has negotiated for a million shots from China which should help in due course. currently only 2.4% of the population of nearly 30 million has had two jabs, although the percentage of people who have had one one jab has increased from 7.3% to 8.2%.

Currently the rate of infection has reduced from the peak of 9000 per day to about 2000 per day confirmed. Of course there are many people infected who have no chance to go near a test or a hospital, so the true figures will remain an unknown.

Do please pray for this country that has had so many difficulties in recent years.