Demolition of our Office is Starting

The NLT Office in Kathmandu

The Nepali Government has started moving ahead again on the road widening scheme that affects our headquarters office in Kathmandu. For some time they were trying to decide whether they would pay any compensation or not, but a few days ago, they suddenly presented NLT Nepal with a cheque for about £14,000 and told them to get on with the demolition. It therefore looks as if our hopes of avoiding this very difficult process are in vain, and the workshop activity, and the office activity will have to move into the neighbouring “Longhouse”, which used to provide sheltered accommodation to various families. Please pray for the CEO of NLT Nepal, Mr Kamal Shrestha, as he <!more> organizes the demolition work and the move of staff and equipment into the much smaller accommodation. At this stage it is hard to know what can be built on the NLT land left after the road has been widened, but the compensation paid will only cover the demolition work and contribute towards a small part of the rebuilding, so more funds will be needed. Please also pray that the production of the current handicraft orders will be able to continue without too much difficulty, and that staff will not be unsettled by the moving and demolition. Thank you.