Ethnic Make up of Nepal in 2023

There are over 140 distinct ethnic groups recognised in Nepal, with about 124 mother tongues between them. This highlights the amazing ethnic and linguistic diversity that is still part of the country of Nepal, with all the challenges that brings to a country trying to bring development, education and economic improvement to its people. Despite this huge variety, Nepali is the most widely spoken language across the country, with Maithili the second most common. NLT works in the Maithili speaking region in south east Nepal, in Madesh Province.

Hinduism is the predominant faith of Nepal, with over 80% of the population being Hindu. The remainder is divided between Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Kirat, Prakiti, Bon, Jainism, Sikhism and Bahai. Christianity represents possibly 1.76 per cent of the population.

All of which makes Nepal a very diverse and multicultural country.