Children waiting for sponsors

Children included below are from very poor settings where it is impossible for the families or guardians involved to provide a stable and regular education. If you sponsor one of these children to enable them to receive an education, you are making an input that can change the course of their lives.

If responding to a website format is difficult for you, please contact our office by letter or email or phone to let us know of your interest, and we will assist you with information about any children who are waiting for sponsorship.

Many thanks for wanting to make a difference in young lives.

Kajal Kumari

April 2023: Kajal Kumari is 9 years old and is in class 2, when she can go to school. She has three brothers and a sister. Her father and grandfather are both affected by leprosy, the grandfather having had a leg amputated. Her father does earn a small income through daily labouring work, but her mother is also disabled and does not earn.

Kajal’s situation is therefore difficult and her education is patchy at best, although her family would like her to be able to go to school. If someone was able to sponsor Kajal then it would be a huge help to this family, and would help Kajal to feel more confident about school and her future. Thank you.


To sponsor a child just note the child’s ID and complete the Lydia Children’s Fund Sponsor Form.