The Lydia Children’s Fund

SwastiaThe Lydia Children’s Fund is a sponsorship scheme set up to enable children from very poor families, affected by leprosy or other disadvantages, to receive an education. Without this support they would usually be sent out to work. A child labourer can earn from nothing to £30 per month in Nepal.

£180 per year provides enough support to a family to enable a child to attend school in Nepal. Continued support to a family is dependent on receiving school reports, etc, proving that the child is attending school. Your £15 a month will go a long way towards providing food, uniform and school books for these children. It will also contribute to the family income, allowing the child to finish their education. Unlike some sponsorship schemes, the money you donate goes directly to support the child and their family.

There are currently over 60 children being sponsored through the Lydia scheme, and many more who have long since finished. Some of these children, supported by sponsors, have gone on to further education and opportunities that would have been completely impossible for them without Lydia Children’s Fund. One child whose entire school education was supported by this scheme, went on to study medicine, and in 2012 qualified as a doctor. Several others have become trained nurses. Education is one of the key ways of lifting families out of poverty. Please join in this support that changes lives.

Commitments to the relationship

The Lydia Children’s fund will:

  • Send updates relating to your child’s progress and welfare, health, social and family situation.
  • Inform you of any change in the child/families circumstances.

YOU will:

  • Guarantee a real chance for the child to change their future by committing to sponsor their education.
  • Inform The Lydia Children’s fund 6 months prior to the termination of sponsorship, and immediately in the event of an emergency.

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Any other donations towards the Lydia Children’s Fund  may be made by sending us a cheque (payable to ‘Nepal Leprosy Trust‘). Alternatively, you may arrange a bank transfer directly into the Nepal Leprosy Trust bank account: number 30668974, sort code 20-72-33