Grand Union Challenge – Help us make it count.

grand union challenge 4On the 28th and 29th June, our new Trustee Martin Davies will be taking part in a 100km run along the Grand Union Canal, from Paddington Recreation Ground near Maida Vale, to Bletchley Park. Martin is aiming to raise £6000 to support the in-patient work at Lalgadh Leprosy Services Centre, which provides care to people affected by the acute complications of leprosy.

Martin does quite a bit of running and has run the whole length (147 miles) of the Grand Union Canal over 5 days, but 60 miles in one go is definately a challenge! Click on the picture to go to his Justgiving page and sponsor him.

grand union challenge 2The in-patient work at Lalgadh is one of the areas that we find especially difficult to fund because most donors want to support community work. However, the in-patient work provides healing for patients with complicated ulcers, neuritis, and leprosy reations. All these conditions lead to further damage and disability without treatment, and so the work of the in-patients is vital. Over 30,000 individual cases of leprosy have been diagnosed at Lalgadh and more than 20% of all new cases already have some disability caused by the leprosy. The population of people with leprosy-related disability that Lalgadh supports with specialist services is growing to several thousand. For some of these people we provide reconstructive surgery to restore normal appearance, or improve a lost grip, or give back eyes the ability to blink which leprosy has taken. We usually have several children in the in-patients at any given time, and we regularly see children who have been seriously damaged by leprosy at a young age.

Do please consider sposoring Martin in his huge effort to raise funds for this work.

Visit his Justgiving page at

Thank you.