Hand Surgery at Lalgadh

Donald Sammut in action

After missing a year in 2015, due to the strike and blockade in Nepal, Dr Donald Sammut has finally been able to come to Lalgadh again and support our own surgeon Dr Krishna in another hand surgery camp. Once again there were a good number of people needing surgery, ranging from the claw hands caused by leprosy, to burns contractures, congenital deformity, a girl that appears to have been poisoned leading to the death of her fingers and toes, and a girl injured by electrocution when her house was damaged in the earthquake last year. Krishna, Donald and his team: Nola, Sam and James, all worked long hours to give the best they could to the patients, and managed to operate on almost all of them with only one perhaps needing to come next year. All at NLT are immensely grateful to Donald and his team for their givenness and commitment to these very poor people who have received world-class surgery in the remote south-east of Nepal against all their hope and expectations.

Burns scarring
necrotic fingers
Surgery under way
Anaesthetic team