Happiness of Helpless Women 2


Somani Devi Mandal, a resident of Basatpur 4, Sarlahi district, who has lost one leg due to leprosy, is a person living in poverty. She lives in the house made by Lalgadh for her. There are 3 people in the family. Herhusband used to work as a labourer and he used to earn his living from that. At present though, because he is old and blind, no one will give him a job so he has no income. Her daughter (Koushlya) got a scholarship in IT. Because they don’t have much money, she wasn’t able to buy a laptop for herself and has requested help from us. Her other daughter is married. Overall they have a lot of problems, the Rs 3,000/- given from Lalgadh is still sustaining them but life is difficult. She sends her thanks to Lalgadh Hospital and donors. It would be good to be able to provide a laptop for her daughter.