Lalgadh Hospital in the ongoing covid 19 situation

Lalgadh hospital has 5 Nepali doctors practising at the moment:

* Dr Krishna
* Dr Ananda
* Dr Prakriti
* Dr Beevaa
* Dr Shrawan

With Dr Clugston working quietly behind the scenes. Please pray that they will continue to be safe as they deal with Covid-19 cases coming into the hospital for treatment.

Lagadh’s two specialist doctors:

Dr.Dhakal (dermatology)

Dr Su (Orthopaedic Surgery)

Are not at the hospital at the moment as the specialist services have been suspended due to the lockdown situation.

The hospital outpatient numbers are currently very low compared to normal due to the travel restrictions in place. They expect that when things improve, there will be a surge of people visiting for help, including a number whose illnesses may be severe due to the delay in treatment.