Lalgadh’s Relief Programme

Rising numbers of people are suffering with the increase of deprivation, hunger and illness due to the lock down. LLHSC has recently received official permission to visit outlying villages to bring food relief packages to those in need who tend to be the very poor.

This was a small start which definitely needed to get bigger!   The Sasakwa Health Foundation stepped in to make this happen on a much larger scale.  They provided just over £11,000 for a 3 month period (June to August 2020). This will provide food relief packages to 600 families.

These packages contain: 25 kilo’s of rice, 2 kilo’s of dhal, 1 litre of oil, 1 Kilo of salt, 2 pieces of soap and 5 masks.  The recipients are very grateful to all those that have helped in enabling them to receive these gifts of food.  These families were identified through 25 of Lalgadh’s 25 community Self Help Groups, who also partnered in the distribution of these food relief packages.