Medical training needs at Lalgadh

We have two young people who have grown up at Lalgadh, Amosh and Pranjal, who have passed their MBBS entrance exam with very good marks, and are eligible for help with the very significant costs of their five-year medical training. In our experience, the most reliable doctors who have served at Lalgadh have been the home-grown ones, who grew up at the hospital as their parents work there. In these cases NLT has helped with training costs and in return has received excellent service. Amosh and Pranjal come into this category and we are pleased to have received a little support already, with more needed.

We also have an MBBS doctor, Biva Singh, who has worked at Lalgadh for 5 years as a junior doctor, and has now passed the very difficult post-graduate entrance exam for a 3-year MD training in Obs and Gynae, which would be very useful for Lalgadh. Biva is eligible for support and would like to return to Lalgadh after her training to support our mother and child care unit.

We are delighted to have already received support for a nurse, Manisha, who has won a scholarship for BSc Nursing and has received support for three years’ living costs – for which thank you so much!

Finally, Prashant, the son of Sarita, our leprosy affected counsellor (and widow of Bharat), has begun a Health Assistant 3-year training course and we have also received support for him, which is fantastic.

Thank you for the support that has come. NLT is doing all it can to support these needs, but funds for training are hard to come by and Biva, Amosh and Pranjal still need a lot of help. If any of you know of sympathetic sources for this type of funding, please let us know. We don’t often mention such financial needs, but these are challenging. It would be wonderful if a church, group, or family chose to sponsor one of these trainees. Thank you to those who noticed this in our prayer letter and responded.

With our sincere thanks