Nepal’s Creative Basketry


Susi Dunsmore, a long-time supporter of the textile trade in Nepal and friend of NLT, has produced a booklet about the impressive work of Nepalese basket makers. Many of these craftsmen rely on income from basketry to subsidise what they earn from farming, however the horrendous earthquakes of last year hit the basketry trade hard, with homes being destroyed, access roads damaged and a decline in the number of tourists and other buyers. This beautifully produced booklet, Notes on Nepal’s Creative Basketry, is full of interesting information and colourful images, aiming to highlight the skill and variety involved in the impressive craft of basketry, and evoke new interest in this trade from potential buyers. With its perfect combination of function and beauty, basketry in Nepal is a real art, and these great products could enhance homes anywhere; baskets to display bread, snacks, fruit, or for storage or shopping; woven mats to be used as coasters, place mats, screens, seat pads, wall hangings or floor coverings.

Our hope is that the sale of this booklet and the unique basketry items may bring back some of the essential income to the basket makers of Nepal and help to ensure the survival of this ancient traditional craft. If you would like to purchase a copy, please get in touch with us at the Richmond office.