NLT at the International Leprosy Congress 2019 in Manila

Seven of NLT’s staff from Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital have spent the last few days in Manila, joining hundreds of other people involved in leprosy work from around the world. The Congress takes place every three years, and is an important opportunity for people working with leprosy to share ideas, working practices and new research with each other on a global scale. It also provides a very important platform and voice for people affected by leprosy themselves to communicate their perspectives with this global community. We are proud that so many of our staff were able to put presentations forward and go in person to present them at Manila, and we look forward to hearing the feedback from them soon. We are grateful to American Leprosy Missions, NLT Ireland and Medical Mission News for their support of our staff in this event.

On the stage: Ramesh, Anita, Lalita and Kiran


Kiran with Dr Krishna at the ILC