NLT christmas cards for sale!

One of the many ways that NLT raises money to support their different projects is by selling Christmas Cards.

Will you help us in this venture?

We have 2 types of cards that measure 14cm square:



Riding to Bethlehem



and Travelling Kings @ £4.00 per pack of 10.

Then we have 5 sets of cards that measure 10.5 square:



Gifts from Afar,



Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh,



Peace on earth,



Road to Bethlehem



and Star over Bethlehem @ £3.50 per pack of 10.

Postage and packaging is a bit extra.  £0.95 for small cards and £1.30 for larger cards. Please ask for p&p details when ordering larger quantities.

If you would like to order some cards please do email: or ring 020 8940 1200.

Thank you