NLT Headquarters still under threat!

Remodelled NLT Building

Many of you will be aware of the struggles NLT has had for the last three years with the road-widening programme that the Nepali government has been pursuing and which has necessitated the demolition and removal of ten feet of our building right across its 80 foot frontage. We extended the office five feet backwards using the small strip of land that we owned behind the office and have remodelled the interior to include this space. It has been a long and difficult job and NLT work has continued in adjacent buildings.  The picture (left) show the remodelled Headquarters which now has some verandahs on the

road-widening activity

second and third floors. The picture (right) shows the

current roadworks happening literally next to our front wall. Kamal, our CEO, has now heard a rumour from the Government department involved that they are considering widening the road even further, which would probably require the complete demolition and loss of our property. The irony is that the Nepali government owns the fields that are on the other side of the road! Please pray that there will be no further road widening.