NLT’s Felt Industry

NLT has a heart for all those that are disadvantaged and not just those that suffer from leprosy.  It is out of this heart that the Kathmandu office set up a sheltered workshop where various ‘home’ industries were started.

In 2002 NLT started the Felt Industry, employing the poor and disadvantaged.  It quickly became a source of income for them, which has continued to this day.  Still today,  it is a thriving business for a small group of women.

Their main customer is Sweden but they export all over the world.  Also their products sell well in England and Ireland.

The ladies work on the roof of the Kathmandu office.  It is not easy work and can be rough on the hands but they enjoy it and take great pride in the items they produce.  Which is to a very high standard.  We, here in England are privilagedto be able to sell some of their items online and through various craft fairs.

It is not a profit orientated business, but aims to uplift the lives of disadvantaged people, socially and economically, providing them with a fair wage and a safe (and fair trade) environment to work in.

By buying one of these products from us you will be contributing to a fair wage for the producer.  Our online shop will be open soon, but if you would like further information please do contact us at