NLT’s founder, Eileen Lodge, has passed away

Following a long period of ill health, Eileen passed away last Friday, 11th October, aged 94.  There will be a service at Koinonia Church Patan on Wednesday (16th) followed by burial near Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara on Thursday (17th).  Eileen was responsible for the founding of Green Pastures Hospital many years ago, before she started working to help leprosy-affected people in other areas of Nepal.   She saw the need for a hospital in the east and after working very hard to obtain some land, Lalgadh Hospital was built.  She lived to see the hospital grow and become one of the busiest leprosy hospitals in the world.  She was a true pioneer and her legacy will last – many people will be thankful for her work, her care and love for those suffering from stigma and living with no hope.