Our First Envisioning Trip!

Saturday will see a group of seven of us gather at Heathrow Airport!

This will be our first ‘Envisioning Trip’ to Nepal,  so we are all very excited and a little bit nervous.

Many people over the years have expressed a desire to see our work in action but didn’t feel able to go on their own. It was this that brought into being the idea of having ‘Envisioning Trips’.

The group is going out for 2 weeks. The first two days will be spent in Kathmandu where we will visit our workshops and meet with the people who make all the goods we sell here in England. We will also do some sightseeing.

Then we will travel by jeep to Lalgadh from Kathmandu. A journey of about 6/7 hours. This may sound like a long journey but will be a fascinating opportunity to see Nepali scenery and watch it change as we travel further south from Kathmandu.

At Llagadh we will visit the hospital and see all that it does. This may be a heart breaking experience as we see broken lives being healed, but it will be wonderful to see all that is being done to restore people’s self-respect. We will also see the community work in the villages around Lalgadh, although we will only have time to see a few villages as it takes time to travel on the terrible roads. However, it will give us a sense of what is being achieved to reduce stigma and bring health and development to some extremely poor communities.

Then we have a little treat in store for everyone. We will be staying at Chitwan – a bit like a Safari Park where the area is preserved for the wildlife – for a few nights. While there we will see the park from an elephant’s back, from a boat, and from a jeep. Then we will be collected by our trusty NLT drivers and taken back to Kathmandu where some of the party have decided to take a flight round Mount Everest! Whoa, I think that may be a little bumpy. Then a little bit of time to do some shopping!!!

So, all in all it should be informative and fun – a wonderful time for everyone.

We will let you know!