Sponsor needed to help Ram Nandan

Ram Nandan at work, measuring a leprosy-affected child’s foot for a shoe.

Ram Nandan Mahara is an older man, affected by leprosy, with a prosthetic leg, as his own leg was damaged by leprosy years ago. Ram came to Lalgadh Hospital early on, as a patient and by trade was a shoemaker. He joined the staff in the late 1990s working in the shoe department where he made many hundreds of special shoes for patients with feet damaged by leprosy. Ram retired in 2017 and had a difficult time as the authorities decided to widen the road in his village, which meant the destruction of his house. Ram had never had his own land and NLT supporters helped him to buy some and to build a small house on the land. But Ram still has dependents, and he has recently been ill with TB and stayed at Lalgadh for a while as an inpatient. There is little government support in Nepal for the elderly, apart from a tiny pension that some may be eligible for. Ram has been struggling with finding enough money to get by, and with his health, and he needs some regular financial support to help him provide for himself and his family. We have been providing this kind of support to several vulnerable older ladies who have been affected by leprosy and who have no support network, and we have called this our ‘Support a Granny’ scheme. We now mention Ram Nandan as a vulnerable older man who needs help. £20 a month would be sufficient to take away the bulk of the struggle for Ram, and enable him to have enough food for himself and his family.

If you would like to help Ram Nandan, please let us know.