Summer Fairs

Summer is always full of Fairs and sunshine!  2019 is no different.  We have already attended Richmond Fair and Ham Fair.

Richmond Fair was organised by a different organisation this year, ‘Be Richmond’ and looked very, very different!  The green was encircled by already pitched white tents with the fun fair settled in the middle.

We did very well, selling lots of goods but we had so many good conversations concerning NLT and the work it does in Nepal.  Hopefully, there will be some ongoing conversations.

Ham Fair was very different in that the wind was very strong.  It was a little bit of a struggle to put the tent up.  We didn’t sell so many goods this time but we still had lots of good conversations with many different people.

We have one more fair to go, St. Margaret’s Fair!  We have decided not to take the big tent   …  it’s a wee bit hard with just the two of you!!!  We are hoping for lots of sunshine, goods being sold and lots of good solid conversation!