Update on the situation in Nepal.

Officially the Nepal Government say only 390 deaths so far but this doesn’t take into account the more rural and remote areas.  Lagadh’s area, province 2, is the worst affected as the Indian border is only a few miles away.   India has an out of control Covid 19 problem (83,000 dead) and many more unrecorded.

The national lockdown has been hard on many but many of the poorer people across Nepal rely on hand to mouth daily labour and daily income for survival for them and their families.  The monsoon rain doesn’t help (even though it is lessening now) and  bring mosquitos and mud!!

The staff are keeping their guard up and are wearing their PPE uniform on (masks, gowns and gloves) despite the oppressive heat.

And so the hospital work continues, although the daily numbers are much reduced.  Last year about  this time the hospital were treating 450/500 patients whereas at the moment the numbers are more like 100/150.  All due obviously to Covid 19 and the monsoon etc.