Vitality London 10000 Run – 31st May 2021

The Vitality London 10k run was to take place on Bank Holiday Monday 31st may 2021 in London, but we have just heard that it cannot go ahead. The organisers are looking for an alternative venue and date. NLT has entered runners in the Vitality Run twice so far and have six places to run in this year’s event. My wife Julie, who has recently taken up running again, my son Matthew who is a long-time runner and good at the distance stuff, and NLT Trustee Ian and his son Joseph are taking four of the places, leaving two spots to fill.

There is also an option to enter an official virtual event where runners run in a local setting of their own choosing between 29th May and the 6th June. We will look at this option, especially as every place on the normal run is worth two on the virtual run giving us a potential 12 places.

This event is a good opportunity to raise funds for the work of NLT and we would be thrilled if you would like to sponsor one of the above runners, or even to run yourself and raise some funds. Time is running out though, as the runners need to be registered by the 7th May.

Please join us in raising some funds for the work of NLT in Nepal!

Many thanks from all at NLT