In 2008 Chunu was 16 years old, and was in Year 9 at school. One year ago, her left hand rapidly developed a claw deformity, and she noticed some ulcers develop on her elbows. She went to her local doctor, who referred her to Lalgadh Hospital, where she was diagnosed with leprosy.

Some months later, after she had completed her leprosy medicine, Chunu received some surgery on her hand to correct the clawing of her fingers. After intensive physiotherapy, she was able to fully straighten her fingers and her hand is back to the way it used to be.

Chunu’s father also had leprosy and has received an income generation grant from Lalgadh which provided him with some pigs. Chunu is attending a training at LLSC in making beaded jewellery, which she is enjoying, and is reassured to have such a skill as a source of future earnings.

Chunu and her certificate

2010 – Chunu is now 17 and a half years old and visited Lalgadh Hospital again recently for a review and to show off the certificate she has received for passing her SLC (School Leaving Certificate). She did very well and we are all thrilled. She will now start college, suported by Lalgadh, and she wants to be a teacher.

Chunu's hands

The operation that Lalgadh did on Chunu’s left hand in 2008 has worked very well…the scaris almost invisible, her fingers are beautifully straight, and she now has changed to using her left hand more than her right. However, her right hand also has some clawing and so the next step is for Chunu to have a second operation to correct this. Her hands will then look like everyone else’s and life will be better for Chunu.