Rotary Vancouver shipping help to Nepal

Lalgadh hospital took receipt of a container from the Rotary Club in Vancouver, Canada, that had travelled several thousands of miles by sea and road . It set out on November 27th 2010  and finally arrived at Lalgadh Hospital on February 15th 2011. The idea came from a chance meeting between Robert Muir of Build Aid and David Greenwood of the Vancouver Branch of the Rotary Club. Build Aid has been involved in helping expand the infrastructure at Lalgadh, and David Greenwood is involved in the Rotary World Help Network that ships recycled medical equipment to countries in need.

The shipment was made possible by the Rotary Club of Patan South who coordinated things at the Nepal end. One of their members, Sunil Gupta, is a relative of Meena Clugston, and he worked very hard with our Suman Tamang to get the container safely to Lalgadh.

The shipment arrived in a 44 foot container which was too long to get up the lane to the hospital. The contents were therefore transferred to two large Tata trucks for the final kilometre. The contents weighed 28,000lbs and will be a huge help to the work there!

Unpacking has started but will take some weeks to finish. The shipment includes a dental chair and hospital beds, but much of the consignment remains a mystery until unpacked.

Our grateful thanks to the Rotary Clubs of Canada and Patan South.