Help Raise Funds while you shop for Christmas

More and more people, including NLT staff, find that they are doing a significant amount of their shopping on the internet. Some of you may buy your weekly shopping from Sainsbury, or Asda online. Many of you probably buy gifts from Amazon or items from Ebay. We can now harness this activity to raise funds for Nepal Leprosy Trust through two websites called “Shop2Fundraise” ( and “Give As You Live” ( – at no cost to yourselves.  Thousands of online stores have signed up to these sites and will donate a useful percentage of your online shopping transactions to the charity of your choice – which we hope will be NLT! This has already raised good amounts of money for other charities who have encouraged their supporters to use these sites as a main channel for their online shopping. As Christmas is fast approaching, and many of you will be shopping online even more than usual, please do consider this on our behalf – it does not cost you anything! Note that only Shop2Fundraise is supported by Amazon and Ebay, so if these are your favourite shopping sites, please use Shop2Fundraise.