Latest news on Coronavirus

Since Nepal is starting to see cases of coronavirus, Lalgadh has limited its outpatient visitors: normally they receive up to 600 outpatient visits a day, but currently they see 15-20 emergency cases a day, like expectant mothers or the urgently ill. Lalgadh maintains its in-patient service to people severely affected by leprosy.

The Nepalese government has asked Lalgadh to provide a quarantine service, as well as a COVID-19 treatment facility. The hospital is gathering supplies of personal protective equipment, including sanitizer, disinfectant, gloves, and boots. But it’s challenging to find these medical supplies as well as enough food for patients at the hospital.

Please pray:

– For wisdom for Dr Graeme Clugston, Dr Krishna and all the medical personnel as they prepare for people needing help;

– For the Support Services Team, as they work to ensure that supplies are stocked and equipment functions

– For staff to be calm and effective and gentle as they help people in great need, while under severe pressure.

Thank you for praying for Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital and our other partners preparing for COVID-19 cases!