Leprosy on the increase – in Florida!

Compared to India and Nepal the numbers are very low but this year has seen an increase in leprosy cases in central Florida, USA. It seems that these cases are not coming from abroad, or from transmission from known cases, but suggest that leprosy is now endemic in Florida. There has been a longstanding connection between armadillos, which are found in Florida, and leprosy but the recent cases do not seem to have any link with armadillos. Researchers are puzzled, but do say that this does not represent a danger to citizens or visitors, as the chances of being infected remain negligible.

More details at these sites:

Health.com – https://www.health.com/leprosy-outbreak-florida-2023-7569183#citation-1 

CDC – https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/29/8/22-0367_article