NLT’s new 5-year General Agreement has been signed

We had some great news just two weeks ago! The next General Agreement between Nepal Leprosy Trust

NLT CEO Kamal at far left with BB Khawas and the Member Secretary and his colleagues at the signing of the new General Agreement.

UK and the Government of Nepal was signed on 9th January 2024, after about 16 months of negotiation between our CEO Kamal Shrestha, and the Social Welfare Council officials. Kamal says that the process this time has been ‘very long and bureaucratic’, and we are grateful to him for his persistence. Because of the long time elapsed, the new agreement is effective from 8th February 2023, so we have already used one year of the five, and it will expire in February 2028.

Kamal has signed the the last four agreements on our behalf over a period of 20 years, but this time the Social Welfare Council wanted a non-NLT Nepal representative to sign on NLT UK’s behalf. The chair of the Executive Board of NLT Nepal had just retired after many years of service to NLT, and so he was asked to sign for us and was happy to perform this last, and very significant, service for NLT.

The next challenge is to prepare the new Project Agreement that will outline the details of the work that NLT will be doing for the next few years.