NLT Run along the Thames – Monday 31st May

Because the Vitality London 10000 event that we were hoping to join is not able to take place in London on the May 31st Bank Holiday, we decided to have our own mini event, led by one of our trustees who runs a bit.  So on Monday 31st May we will be gathering in Maidenhead to run along the Thames – either to Marlow, or for 5 kilometres and then turn round and come back to the start.  Joining this 10k run will be our Trustee Ian Beech, his son Joseph, my son Matthew,  my wife Julie, and our friend Amy. I will be on a bicycle! There may also be a few dogs along for the fun…

Sponsor our runners for the 10k run and help raise some funds for NLT’s work with people affected by leprosy.  Any donations mentioning ‘NLT run’ will be allocated to this.

Joseph,          Ian,        Matthew,          Amy      (Crumble)     and Julie