NLT Sponsored Walk – Update

The NLT 2019 Sponsored Walk on Saturday 14th September will start at 10:30am from the Langley Park car park, in Billet Lane, Ivor, SL0 0LS. This is a smaller car park, so it should not be too hard to find each other at the start and there are some nice tea rooms and toilets to make things comfortable. Bring some loose change in case there is a small charge for the car park – not sure about the cost, if any.

The first part of the walk will loop around Langley park, taking in the Arboritum. The map for this is available using the following link: Langley Park leaflet and map

The second part of the walk will loop around neighbouring Black Park and the map for this is available using the following link: Black Park Map

If everyone is doing the whole walk, we can cross from Langley Park into Black Park and have lunch there in a nice spot before getting into the second section of the walk. If some are joining or leaving the walk halfway through, then we could have lunch near the Langley Park car park to make this easy. Note that there are toilets and refreshments available in both parks.

All comers will be welcome, although an indication of numbers would be helpful so that we can work out how many scones to bring. If you can get some friends to sponsor you, the funds raised will be going to the work of Nepal Leprosy Trust, supporting people affected by leprosy and supporting relief work amongst those affected by the severe flooding in this monsoon. If you are planning to come, please let us know on, or 020 8940 1200.

See you there!