Serious Earthquake in Nepal

Many of you have been in contact asking how our colleagues in Kathmandu and Lalgadh have fared in the serious Earthquake - Nepal 24April2015 The end of a temple in Thamel- 33earthquake that struck on Saturday 25th April. We are very grateful for your concern and offers of support and prayers. We are also very relieved to be able to report that all our NLT staff, both in Kathmandu and Lalgadh have been wonderfully spared, and damage to NLT buildings has been minor in Kathmandu and in Lalgadh. Dr Hugh and Diana Cross, Dr Graeme and Meena Clugston and Eileen Lodge are also safe in Kathmandu, so God has been very gracious to us.

The earthquake itself and the aftershocks (more than 90 so far) have caused much loss of life in and around Kathmandu, as well as great damage to buildings and infrastructure. The roads to the region in the epicentre of the earthquake have only just been cleared and we will learn more about the extent of damage in the hill-towns and villages as the rescue teams push forward. We do know however, that many of these villages have Earthquake 24April 2015 - road to our hotel, Thamel 18been virtually levelled and there are serious problems with access to food and water. Most folk everywhere have been sleeping outside as the after-shocks make it unsafe to be inside, but the weather has apparently deteriorated, making life more difficult for everybody. Even hospitals have been moving patients outside for safety and are unable to cope with the numbers of injured needing care. Electricity and water supplies are fragile and in danger of failing, which will make things harder. The water system in Kathmandu has always been poor and with all the ground movement that has occurred, there is a high likelihood of many damaged pipes and problems with contamination of the water, with all the associated risks of disease. With so many living in temporary over-crowded accommodation, there is further risk of disease, and the management of water and effluent will be critical in the weeks ahead. Any gifts we receive for relief work will be used to help where our Kathmandu staff feel it is most needed and will also be channelled through local church efforts to aid the relief process.

We have listed some prayer points below and we are grateful for your concern and support.

Please do pray for the following issues:

  • the Nepali government as they coordinate the various rescue and relief works
  • the international aid that is coming in, that teams will work effectively together and that communications and activity will be well coordinated
  • that water and electricity and food supplies are able to be repaired and maintained in this difficult environment and that disease will be kept under control
  • that the rescue teams will be able to find and reach people who still need help quickly
  • for the safety of people, including the rescue teams and our staff, as the aftershocks continue
  • that the rain and cold will hold off and not impede progress or make life even harder for those
    having to stay outside
  • for the medical staff working under extremely difficult conditions to try and help the injured
  • for those, including our NLT staff, who may have have lost loved ones in their home villages
  • for all those traumatised by the events of the last two days
  • that Nepali Christians can engage effectively with the relief work and be a means of help and comfort to those in need.

If you wish to donate money to the relief effort, there are a number of channels, but NLT is also establishing a relief fund to help people who need to rebuild their lives after this disaster.

To donate from within the UK please use the “” button to the right of this post, and for donations from outside the UK please use the “Justgiving” link also to the right of this post. You can attach a comment or request with the donation to explain your intention for it.

Many thanks