Staff at Lalgadh Hospital!


Lalgadh hospital is situated in south eastern Nepal, in the hot flat Terai region of Nepal, close to the border of Bihar, India. More than 20% of our patients come across the border from India.

It has grown from being a small hospital to one of the busiest hospitals dealing with Leprosy.

It now has 120 staff in the  different departments:

Senior Staff

Staff in the different departments

Many of our senior staff are solid Christians, which takes some courage in an fairly strict and at times militant Hindu population.  They organise daily services at the hospitals which are often attended by our patients even though they are hindu by religion.  Apparently they love the songs and Bible readings.

Our work in Lalgadh isn’t confined to the hospital or even to different departments such as the shoe makers (they make special shoes for the people who suffer from leprosy).  A lot of work is done in the villages.  This work is organised by Ramesh and his staff.  They organise groups in different villages who meet on a regular basis.  They provide important facilities such as water pumps, toilets etc, medical staff visits and all sorts of training such as sewing by machines which helps different people to be independent.