The 2021 Vitality London 10k Run is back on – for now!

Vitality Run at Hatfield Park 11th July

NLT has been informed that the Vitality London 10000 Run is now to take place at Hatfield Park on 11th July. This is a surprise, and even now may not happen as the situation is changing daily, but for now we can gear up for this run which we have been looking forward to for two years now!


Our runners will be at least the same five who ran on 31st May at Maidenhead, and as we have six places, we can add another runner if we can find one!

Joseph, Ian, Matthew, Amy and Julie

So once again, so soon after the previous run (apologies!), we are hoping that people will sponsor our runners so that we can support the great work that the team in Nepal is doing amongst people affected by leprosy. If you feel able to, then do use the donate button to send some sponsor money in the direction of our runners, and raise funds to fight leprosy and stigma.

At the moment in Nepal things at Lalgadh Hospital are quieter than usual as patients cannot really travel with the lockdown at this time. However, our community team has permission to go out into the villages with some relief supplies to support people who are struggling to get enough food. For many poor people, the lockdown has been a really difficult time as they have not been able to work, and food stocks were already low.

Lalgadh Community Team delivering aid in June 2021

Our leprosy self-help groups, who live in these very poor villages, have been guiding our team to the most needy families and individuals, and this has made sure that the relief has passed into the hands of the right people.

In Nepal, the monsoon is beginning again and so there will shortly be all sorts of additional problems to add to the current batch. But that is life in Nepal.

Thank you for all your help and support!